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About us
Swain Electronic Services was formed on the 17th September 1978 and has been involved in the electronic musical instrument industry continuously since that day.The company initially concentrated on Electronic Organs. which involvedservice for private customers, clubs, churches, bands and also contract work for music shops.As the company became better known in the trade it carried out service work for many if the national distributes of electronic organs, which were imported from Italy, Germany, Holland, Japan and the United StatesWhen the emphases changed from Organs to Keyboards Swain Electronics were there right from the start and still carry out in guarantee work for many of the keyboard manufacturers to this day. Many of the venues where company has carried out service work on organs also incorporated Public Address and Theatre Lighting systems, so the service of this type of equipment came as a natural progression very early on in the life of the company.Swain Electronic Services has kept up with all the changes enabling us to give you a first class service.All work is guaranteed and the equipment is fully ensured whilst in our possession. Full Public Liability Insurance covers all work carried out by the company on site.

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